About Me!

I have had some twists and turns in my career, but I have had a passion for homes and design since I was a little girl sketching my bedroom on graph paper and cutting out to-scale furniture templates to play with space planning. Frankly, my mother had no interest whatsoever in how her home looked as long as it was clean, and she thought I was a little nutty.

I grew up in steel country (sadly, now the rust belt), graduated from Duke University with an English major, and ended up as a COBOL programmer after my mom made me take the Federal Civil Service Test for potential federal employees.  The Navy hired me and 19 other people with "useless" undergraduate degrees and trained us as programmers to work in their Cleveland, Ohio Finance Center.

Cleveland was just too cold after four years in sunny North Carolina, so I headed back down south, worked in the private sector as a programmer-analyst, and met my now-husband.  When we married, I told him I would never, ever leave Raleigh, and 18 months later packed the moving truck for St. Louis, where we have lived ever since.

After two years as a systems and management consultant for Price Waterhouse, I was hired by a client and spent the next 19 years in the personal trust department of two large banks (two companies, six bank names between them).  I worked on merger integration, system conversions, training and procedure development, managed some operational functions, and served as a Trust Officer for high net worth individuals.  But I never lost my passion for design, and when my job morphed into nothing but bank regulations, I decided it was time to step out on my own.

After boatloads of research, I found an interior design franchise that was looking for business people to employ designers in a half showroom/half design studio setting.  I opened Designs Of The Interior in Chesterfield, MO in October of 2006, had a great first year, and then sank with a thud along with the crashing economy.

Through a twist of fate, I found myself in real estate and picked up an interior design diploma, and have now integrated my passion for design with my legal, financial and compliance background to form a "concierge" model for my real estate practice, providing my sellers with staging advice and solutions and virtual staging, and my buyers with help visualizing a home's potential and solutions for space planning, color and remodeling options.

I've also worked a lot with seniors and baby boomers and work to provide universal design and aging-in-place solutions that not only add to a safer environment but one that is also beautifully designed.  There is no need for a safe home to look like an institution!

I have been married to my husband, Keith, for over 30 years, have two grown sons, and a few four-legged kids as well.  I love reading, English history, football, politics and social media, and I have a charitable passion for rescue animals.

I hope you enjoy this website and have fun learning to renovate and redesign to create or enhance your inspired interior!