Blue and White

Blue and white has been a classic color combination for decades, even centuries, beloved of interior designers and homeowners.  For years, though, it was considered a classic color combination, thought of in connection with blue and white antique dinnerware and something that wasn't truly current.

That is definitely not the case today, with modern furniture designers using blue tones across the home furnishings spectrum in applications both traditional and contemporary.

In the photo shown above, Barclay Butera provides a modern take on bedding with his "Indigo" ikat pattern.  And in the cocktail table below from Glassisimo, made entirely of glass including the stunning blue base.

Many more examples of the modern applications of blue and white abound.

You don't need to make a major investment in furniture to add a touch of this color scheme to your home.  Lighting, accessories, artwork abound, and don't need to cost a fortune.  Objects similar to these, also found at High Point, can be great additions.  And nothing beats a good can of paint - think about spray painting something you already own, or painting a piece of furniture a great shade of blue to give it new life.

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