Does Staging Work?  Check Out This Real-Life Case Study!

This picture is from the living room of a beautiful, well-maintained $750,000 home. When the home was put on the market, Mr. Seller had just moved out-of-state ahead of his family, taking a chunk of their belongings with him.  This picture is taken by a professional photographer; you can see the home has striking, newly-refinished hardwood flooring, neutral-colored walls and crown molding, but it just doesn't reach out and grab you.  We were on the market for two months, the bridesmaid a few times, but never the bride.  

Once the family moved to join Mr. Seller, they agreed to professionally stage it, with furniture and accessories of the same quality as the house. Now take a look at this professionally staged photo.  Same room, same photographer, same angle.  Now the photo sings on the internet, luring agents to show it and buyers to see it and make an offer!

Did it work?  You bet!  We staged the majority of the house with furniture and accessories the equivalent of what you see in this picture.  I took it off the market while we staged and had new photographs taken, and put it back on at the same price.  Now we had multiple offers in just over a week and sold it a month later!  The cost to stage this home was much less than the next price drop I would have recommended.

Staging sells, and it may not need to cost anything more than a little elbow grease, although there are times when it makes great sense to do some remodeling and redesign before planting the "for sale" sign in the yard. Read on for staging ideas and suggestions both large and small.

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