Valentine's Day

Set The Table For Romance!

Ah, Valentine's Day, the holiday of love!  It's not a day typically associated with design projects, but with the advent of all-things-Pinterest, there is a greater interest in adding a few touches to the home of Valentine's Day design.

The table above is in my kitchen.  To make an easy change from my blue, white and silver Christmas/winter decor, I simply swapped a blue table runner for four red placemats with white stiching, inexpensively purchased from HomeGoods.  Previously I had acrylic Christmas trees in each corner of the mirrored centerpiece; in their place, I put small ivory vases, each with a red hydrangea with the stem cut down, bought at Hobby Lobby for $1.50 each (on sale at half price). Et voila, a Valentine's Day table that took less than five minutes of work and cost $16 for the placemats and flowers.

You've Gotta Have Heart!

I found this silver-colored bowl a year ago, and it has been my seasonal go-to vessel ever since.  The picture below shows the bowl as it sat in my hutch decorated for Christmas; I simply took out the blue ornaments and a few silver ones, and added two varieties of heart ornaments from Hobby Lobby.  

Valentine's Day Picasso

At the 2015 Fall High Point Design Market, I was really inspired by the artwork in the photo above, and thought I could create a similar but simpler version myself.  I was thrilled afterwards to discover Plaid Liquid Leaf paint in various shades of gold, silver and copper.  So using liquid leaf silver paint, wooden heart patterns I used as a stencil and two 8 x 8 gesso boards (all items from Hobby Lobby), I was able to create the Valentine themed artwork below.

And, of course, Pinterest is full of great Valentine's ideas, including some of these favorites of mine.

An apothecary jar is always handy for seasonal decor, including these hearts and petals.

Wine bottles can always be painted and decorated for the holidays!

And don't forget the corks!